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Market Momentum Breadth Dashboard

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This dashboard shows the RSI momentum of the top 150 stocks in terms of value traded for that day. We use RSI 30 days to assess momentum and in general:

RSI > 50 means the stock is in an uptrend
RSI >70 means the stock is overbought and inside an uptrend
RSI< 50 means the stock is in a downtrend
RSI < 30 means the stock is oversold and inside a downtrend

You can use this guide to see the overall picture of the market and see obvious outliers which you can take advantage of. Generally speaking, we want strong trending stocks which tend to stay on the right side of the chart while avoiding or trade opportunistically stocks that are on the left side of the chart.

Follow the steps to generate the dashboard:

1. Download the VAI windows program here
2. Download the Market Momentum Breadth File here, unzip and move the file into C:\VanguardAI\Dashboard folder
3. On the VAI program, click on the Dashboard icon on the toolbar and click on Market Momentum Breadth on the pop up menu

note: if you need to adjust the windows due to different screen resolution, kindly go to Dashboard-> Edit/Design -> open Market Momentum Breadth file and resize as needed

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