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VAI 1.0 Known Issues/Fixes

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VAI 1.0 Known Issues/Fixes
Release Date: 04/18/2021

  • Slow start up loading especially on the first time you open the app since it will be downloading data - this will be improved in future versions. 
  • Some chart indicators do not show up for stocks with less than approx. 360 bars (i.e. CNVRG, AXLM, monthly data, etc). However, signals for them will still appear in screeners. - FIXED (Available in next release)
  • No UI for changing indicator settings, you'll have to do it through scripting for now
  • Cannot modify indicator pane placement for now
  • Screener works on daily timeframe only. Other timeframes to follow in the next version


1. Total trading days in backtest display 1,024 (total trading days from 2017) - FIXED (Available in next release)
2. Issue with Monthly P/L Chart in backtesting - FIXED (Available in next release)
3. Autohide panels for watchlist returns an error on click- FIXED (Available in next release)
4. OHLC label on chart does not auto update unless your curser hovers on the chart- FIXED (Available in next release)
5. Stock list Change cell display green even change is negative - FIXED (Available in next release)
6.  REF function was initially designed to accept positive period parameter and is not consistently working if used with negative periods. - FIXED can accept negative values (Available in next release)

7. Backtest % of Portfolio not working- FIXED (Available in next release)
8. Backtest individual drawdowns are inaccurate but Max drawdown computation is correct.- FIXED (Available in next release)
9. Sell signals on Backtest should be based on next day open, not close- FIXED (Available in next release)
10. Screener column layouts are not saved- FIXED (Available in next release)


Improvements (Available in next release)

1. 250 Bars default in Chart

2. Remove highlight points by default

3. Added colored custom label on Candle chart Y-Axis for latest EOD close price

4. Replaced hand cursor to arrow when chart is Zoomed In.

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