Basic Scripting Concepts

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Vanguard AI uses VAI Script, a powerful and versatile programming language for traders. The language provides the framework required to build sophisticated trading programs piece by piece without extensive training or programming experience. 

The following script is a very simple example that identifies markets that are trading higher than the opening price:


It almost goes without saying that the purpose of this script is to identify when the last price is trading higher than the open price… it is nearly as plain as English.

Just as a spoken language gives you many ways to express each idea, the VAI Script programming language provides a wide variety of ways to program a trading system. Scripts can be very simple as just shown or extremely complex, consisting of many hundreds of lines of instructions. But for most systems, scripts usually consist of just a few lines of code.

The examples outlined in the first section of this guide are relatively short and simple but provide a foundation for the development of more complex scripts.

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