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ChaikinMoneyFlow (Periods)
CMF (Periods)

The Chaikin Money Flow oscillator is a momentum indicator that spots buying and selling by calculating price and volume together.

This indicator is based upon Accumulation / Distribution, which is in turn based upon the premise that if a stock closes above its midpoint, (high + low) / 2, for the day then there was accumulation that day, and if it closes below its midpoint, then there was distribution that day.

A buy signal is generated when the indicator is rising and is in positive territory. A sell signal is generated when the indicator is falling and is in negative territory.

Recommended Parameters
Periods: 15

set BUY = CMF(15) > 20 AND REF(CMF(15), 1) > 20
Evaluates to buy when the Chaikin Money Flow Index is bullish.

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