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Getting Started
Vanguard AI has several modules that you can use for screening and analyzing stocks, we’ll list and explain them one by one below. While all the widgets or mini-windows within the modules are resizable, rearrangeable and draggable to a different monitor, general rule of thumb is that a module will always own a particular widget or mini-window; meaning you cannot drag a back testing widget into the main dashboard and vice versa. You can also create as many widgets as you want within a dashboard.

Dashboard Module
This will be your main module where you can create, modify and display various widgets such as screeners and watchlist. The dashboard includes

  1. Chart
  2. Watchlist
  3. Screener
  4. Script Editor

Back Testing Module
The widgets within the back testing module are already set but all the windows are resizable and rearrangeable. You can only run one strategy per back testing module but you can run as many back test modules as you want.

Reports Module
This module will allow you to customize your report design and information for when you plan to export your back testing results or trading journal reports.

Trading Journal Module
//coming soon

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