What are Primitives?

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This section covers the built-in functions of VAI Script language found in Vanguard AI, also known as primitives. These important functions define the VAI Script programming language and provide the basic framework required to build complex trading systems from the ground up. 

Literally any type of trading system can be developed using the VAI Script programming language with minimal effort. If a system can be expressed in mathematical terms or programmed in any structured, procedural language such as C++, VB, or Java for example, you can rest assured that the same formulas can also be programmed using the VAI Script programming language. 

Sometimes technical analysis formulas can be very complex. For example, technical analysis functions exist that require recursive calculations and complicated IF-THEN-ELSE structures as part of their formula. These complex trading systems are traditionally developed in a low level programming language. 

This section outlines how VAI Script can be used to perform these same calculations in a much simpler way by means of vector operations and simulated control structure.

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